ResourceLine East African Payroll

  • ResourceLine payroll software complies with all of the latest payroll legislation in Uganda,Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. Whether you have one employee, or hundreds, our software makes running payroll simple

Custom Deductions & Additions

  • These can be added to particular pay periods for some set of employees. These could include recovery deductions, allowances,performance bonuses, etc. These variations are auto injected into the pay breakdown of the specific employees and can be defined to last a period or for just that particular month.

Loans and Advances

  • With ResourceLine, Employees can apply for loans and advances with ease via self-service. This ensures the company can properly enforce loan and advance policies, approve or reject advances, keep adequate records of employee's loan and advance status as well as properly deduct payment based on pay-back plan..

Statutory Compliance

  • Submit your PAYE and NSSF/RSSB/ etc. schedules in just a click. Keeping compliant really is that easy. with ResourceLine Payroll you can configure tax rates with a high degree of flexibility and relief that prevail in your country of residence.

Payslips Automation

  • ResourceLine automatically sends payslips to employees via email once payroll is generated. Employees no longer need to ask or follow up with HR for status of their salaries this reduces workload.

Bank Payment schedules

  • You can generate reports with fringe benefits, expenses and definitions specific to your company. This includes comprehensive employee details, which can be sent directly to bank.

Batch Processing

  • ResourceLine has a feature that allows batch addition and update of staff profiles, entitlements, deductions and payments of employees by simply using imported csv files or created csv files which eliminates manual data entry.

Support Services

  • Our support team is always available on live chat,email and via phone to ensure that you always have a smooth process, and help whenever you need it.


  • Automated backups of all data are carried out periodically both onsite and off-site, as well as enforced accountability and audit-trailing features, which ensures every single interaction with the system is logged.


  • We provide integration solutions with leading accounting software such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Dyamics NAV, Tally, Infor Sun Systems and more.

What can ResourceLine do for you?
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